Image of AMERICA


3,500.00 EUR

89 W x 116 H x 5 D cm
Mixed medium on canvas

In this artwork the fluidity of water comes alive through a myriad of brushstrokes, echoing the graceful movements of marine life. Amid this aquatic dance, a striking figure emerges—a commanding black female embodiment symbolizing the spirit of the American continent.

I wanted to capture the essence of our continent, encompassing North, Central, South America and the Caribbean by integrating this formidable figure amidst the fluid strokes representing the oceans that border our lands. This powerful image represents the shared history and resilience that unite our diverse cultures and stories across the entire American landmass.

I've intertwined this formidable figure with an intricate backdrop. The background texture mirrors the cosmos, reminiscent of the universe itself, adding a dimension of vastness and cosmic significance to the painting.

It's a visual symphony that seeks to illustrate the profound connection between America and the surrounding seas, while the universe-inspired backdrop hints at the cosmic significance of our shared narratives.

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