Image of Caribbean Galaxy - Dominican Beauty

Caribbean Galaxy - Dominican Beauty

3,000.00 EUR - Sold out

Mixed medium on canvas

81cm x 100 cm

Inspired by the iconic flower scene in the acclaimed film "American Beauty," this artwork seamlessly blends elements of the film's introspective beauty with the vibrant cultural essence of the Dominican Republic.

At the center of the composition stands a captivating young black girl, her presence commanding attention and radiating an air of confidence. Surrounded by a harmonious amalgamation of intense colors, the painting evokes the raw energy and intensity of a flickering flame, the palette dominated by deep reds, resplendent golds, and rich bronze tones, lending the artwork an undeniable vitality that mirrors the fervor of a fire's dance.

The intensity of the girl's gaze captivates viewers, drawing them into her world and inviting them to explore the depths of her spirit. Her eyes hold a hint of enigma, exuding a mix of strength, vulnerability, and resilience.

Delicate motifs reminiscent of tropical flowers and foliage intertwine with the flames, subtly connecting her with the lush landscapes and vibrant culture of the caribbean.

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