Image of Caribbean Galaxy - Mami Wata

Caribbean Galaxy - Mami Wata

200.00 EUR

Giclée print on Paper

A2 - 42x59.4 cm | 16.5x23.4

Mami Wata is known for her beauty. But she is as seductive as she is dangerous. Those who pay tribute to her know her as a "capitalist" deity because she can bring good (or bad) fortune in the form of money.
Countless enslaved Africans forcibly brought to the America contient as part of the colonization carried with them their beliefs, practices, Mami Wata emerged in new communities and under different guises, among them Lasirèn, Yemanja, for me was Santa Marta la Dominadora. African based faiths honoring these manifestations of Mami Wata continue to flourish in communities throughout the America continent, including Haiti, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic.

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